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1.9, known as The Combat Update[1], is an upcoming update to Minecraft with no set release date. Dinnerbone has stated that many of the features he has shown for 1.9 are not "100% final", so things may change later.[2]

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  • 1 Planned additions
  • 2 Planned changes
  • 3 Planned fixes
  • 4 Trivia
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Planned additions[edit | edit source] Edit

Animations / Entity Models[3][4]
  • Might include model changes within the NBT data.
    • Would be implemented via resource packs.[5]
  • Will make better use of code so that map/mod makers can create better/new mobs.[6]
    • Same as the block data changes in 1.8.
    • Feature may not be 100% complete.
  • New block type.[7]
  • New unknown dark colored block.[8][9][10]
  • Another new unknown block.[11]
    • Cannot be obtained and does not naturally generate.
    • Has a visual effect on the world.
  • Grass Path[12][13][14]
    • A 15/16 block tall grass-like “path”. It features a somewhat similar texture to the grass block.
Captions / Subtitles[15][16]
  • Subtitles which display for each sound for the hard of hearing/deaf.[17]
    • An example would be “Creeper hissing”.[18]
    • Would have < or > to point in the direction this sound is coming from.[16]
  • Added a left hand.[19]
    • Option to play with the left hand as the main hand.[20][21]
    • The main hand acts as the right hand did previously, while the other hand may equip an item through a new off-hand slot.
      • The off-hand slot is shown by a shield outline in the inventory.[22][23]
      • While weapons can be equipped in both hands, a weapon may only be used while equipped to the main hand.[24]
      • The other hand is only visible to the player when something is equipped there.[25]
      • The right click action of your off-hand item is used if your main-hand doesn't have its own.[26]
        • For example, if you have a pickaxe in your main hand and a torch in your other hand, right click places the torch.[27]
      • Items in the off hand and the main hand can be swapped by pressing a key, which defaults to F[28]
Generated structures
  • A new type of dungeon with new blocks and mobs.[29]
    • Related to the “new dark colored block”[30][31]
  • Added support to rotate and mirror structures.[30][32]
  • Quivers[23]
    • Can hold arrows.[23]
    • Texture was originally made by Notch for his abandoned project Legend of the Chambered, and was added in Indev in 2009, albeit only as an unused texture.
  • At least 4 new arrow types.[23][33]
    • One such arrow is the Spectral Arrow.[33]
  • Shields[23]
    • Shown by a black shield outline in the picture.
    • Will be used for blocking instead of a sword. [34]

Planned changes[edit | edit source] Edit

  • Proper support for multiple bosses’ health bars, so they show at the same time without obstructing each other.[35]
  • Ender dragon boss fight
    • A redo of the ender dragon’s boss fight, making it similar to the fight in Console Edition.[36][37]
      • Some obsidian pillars will have iron bars surrounding the ender crystal.[38]
      • The ender dragon now breathes purple particles.[38]
    • The dragon will be able to respawn without resetting the End if it has already been killed.[39]
  • New cloud rendering system.[40]
Command Blocks
  • Will have a new UI[41]
    • Will contain tab to complete.
Death messages
  • Death messages will now be displayed on the player's death screen as well as in the chat.[42][43]
  • Are now only held in one arm, rather than two.[44]
  • Rearranged the survival inventory and the creative "survival tab" to accommodate the new quiver and shield slots.[23][45]
  • Switch away from using fixed-function OpenGL to using Shaders.[46]
  • Doors in strongholds are no longer mis-placed.[47]
  • Can no longer be used for blocking.[34]

Planned fixes[edit | edit source] Edit

21 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.9
  • MC-417 – Arrows first bounce back then appear at correct location
  • MC-669 – Failing to place blocks in creative mode causes an animation
  • MC-1720 – Dropped items bounce on stairs, cauldrons, carpets and full/locked hoppers
  • MC-2310 – Villager/Player getting killed by zombie through a closed door
  • MC-3059 – Bow and arrow can fire through doors and fences
  • MC-4272 – Zombie Pigmen don’t attack in groups when fighting other mobs
  • MC-4474 – Boss health bar temporarily viewable after respawn and loading another world
  • MC-4504 – The hitbox of brewing stands is missing the blaze rod
  • MC-10447 – Pick up framed enchanted items with “Pick Block (MOUSE 3)” doesn’t give you the enchanted item
  • MC-12456 – Fences won’t attach to layered snow blocks
  • MC-12549 – 1.5 Odd mob ‘magnetized attraction’ behavior
  • MC-14525 – Name tag doesn’t work on entities with right click ability
  • MC-16204 – New creative GUI showing detailed effects, does not show on some potions and bows
  • MC-28479 – Chest interface not closed when chest is blocked from opening
  • MC-42841 – Incorrect creative instant health damage value
  • MC-52802 – Mob head takes a fraction of a second to change to selected head
  • MC-54486 – Glass panes and iron bars don’t connect to graphically opaque blocks that are registered as transparent. e.g. slime blocks, end portal frame blocks and monster spawner blocks
  • MC-55942 – Nether Wart hitbox is incorrect on multiplayer (Untested on singleplayer)
  • MC-67163 – Damage value for objective stat.mineBlock is missing
  • MC-68062 – Boss health bar only visible when looking at boss
  • MC-75082 – End music will stop every time the ender dragon loads out of view

Trivia[edit | edit source] Edit

  • This has been the longest span of time between the release of a major update to Minecraft and a snapshot for the next major update, with 282 days now having elapsed since the release of 1.8 on September 2, 2014.
    • Until this point, the longest waits had been those between 1.7.2 and 14w02a (76 days), between 1.4.2 and 13w01a (70 days), and between 1.6.1 and 13w36a (66 days).